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Guyos Time


Guyos Time has been in business since 2002. It’s original workshop was opened in Downtown Los Angeles and moved to Sandy, Utah in 2005. At Guyos Time we provide professional watch repair with personalized service.

We do watch batteries, watch glass, watch bands, sizing, polishing, dial refinishing, diamond accessories as well as quartz conversions (from winding to battery). We offer a professional restoration of vintage wrist watches and pocket watches.

Our watchmaker is an expert in Rolex restoration and case refurbishing as well as complete mechanism service. With 18 years of experience and continuous exploration and research of movements we promise a complete satisfaction beyond your expectations. We are fully insured.

All jobs are being done on the premises, without living the shop which is located in Sandy. When you bring you time piece in, you get to talk to the watchmaker that is going to work on your watch , rather a sales person in fancy jewelry store in the mall.


We offer free watch battery power check. Know if your watch is going to quit on you on that trip before you take it. We offer absolutely free estimates on all jobs. Even if you choose not to do the repair at that time.

At Guyos Time we also provide time piece purchase consultations for free. Come and talk to our knowledgeable watchmaker before you pay that money for something that is not worth it. Don’t let the crooks in the industry take advantage of you.

Free Rolex time piece authentication.